Our American Energy

What the possible construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline means to those opposed. “This is Our American Energy,” claimed Dominion Energy in a 2017 advertisement for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline which would transport natural gas, a non-renewable resource.

Infant Mortality and Race

Examining Health Disparities in Charlottesville Past and Present. In 2016, a group of researchers at U.Va. published an article in the scientific journal PNAS that explored the implicit racial bias of 222 white medical students and residents at the University.

Silently Struggling

How students navigate the barriers and doors to mental health access at the University. A picture-perfect image of a student at the University exists within the minds of other students as someone they constantly have to live up to or strive to become — a student who is double-majoring in rewarding and rigorous subjects, excelling in their classes, leading on-Grounds organizations, having fun every weekend and making it all look easy.

Catching the Shadow

“At this place, on the site of Catherine Foster’s home, this ‘Shadow Catcher’ links the visible with the unseen even as it pulls the eyes to the sky; it creates a shadowy, grid-like outline of the house that once stood at this location,” reads a plaque directly outside the Shadow Catcher Memorial honoring the household of Foster, a free black woman who bought the property in 1833.

Redefining Roots

What it looks like to start a second life in Charlottesville. A security guard intently studies a scribbled-on napkin pulled from his pocket on the bus headed home. Across town, a custodian clocks into work and prepares to clean the floors of a medical school much like one he had dreamed of attending since childhood. At her kitchen table, a single mother balances a wistful pride as her son tells her the new English phrase he learned at school that day — one that she has never heard.

Clarity in Chaos

Jazz Performance Director John D’earth discusses his musical career, life in Charlottesville and what jazz has to teach America. Words and Photos by Meagan O’Rourke. University Director of Jazz Performance