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Welcome to C’ville

Some stories cannot be told in few words. In Charlottesville, an area rich with history, conflict and change-makers, The Cavalier Daily created abCD magazine to share its stories with in-depth coverage, immersive visuals and candid reporting. So, we invite you to read, explore and engage with us.

How did this thing start? Is this The Cavalier Daily? What is The Cavalier Daily?

The magazine was originally envisioned, coded and created by Cavalier Daily’s former Engineering Manager, Leo Dominguez, and his work can be found here. The magazine was collectively operated by editors Abby Clukey, Gracie Kreth, Ben Tobin, Tim Dodson and Katie Vinson.

Now, the site is its own section of The Cavalier Daily, The University of Virginia’s independent student-run newspaper with a staff of over 400 writers, designers and production staffers.

2020 abCD Team

Editor: Jacquelyn Kim

Visuals: Denise Brookman-Amissah, Margaret Wadsworth, Alyce Yang


  • Alannah Bell
  • Booker Johnson
  • Carlos Rodriguez
  • Dan Goff
  • Ella Fesler
  • Jana Mirafuente
  • Liana Harris
  • Ria Aguilar Prieto
  • Tasmima Hossain
  • Vani Agarwal